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The environmental variable in financial evaluation

Sabine Papendieck, December 2022

Due to the importance that emission reduction strategies are gaining globally, companies consider to a lesser or greater extent the impact of their operations on climate change, the associated mitigation and adaptation efforts on their strategies and operations by disclosing information. related to its climatic action.

On the other hand, the financing gap (mainly in developing economies) is today one of the main obstacles to achieving the goals set by the Paris Agreement. For this reason, the banking and financial sector has assumed different commitments to achieve emission neutrality of its investment portfolios by 2050, with the aim of reducing the climate risk of its operations as well as financially encouraging the sustainable transition of its customers.

This brief document seeks to be an introduction to the financial implications that the climate commitments of financial and banking entities have on the environmental strategies of companies. For this, it is supposed to present different initiatives addressed by the sector that translate into requirements for the private productive sector as clients of the financial system.

Document available only in Spanish.