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Researchers from the GPS network published an article on emissions from meat and soybeans in Argentina

Investigadores de la red GPS participan de la Encyclopedia of the World´s Biomes

Florencia Ricard, Marcos Mayer and Ernesto Viglizzo, November 2021.

The article, sponsored by GPS and published in the journal Environmental Science and Pollution Research (edited in Switzerland), shows that the export of soy protein and beef, through international trade, does not affect the ecology or the domestic environment of Argentina. This contradicts a generalized theory that indicates that food producing and exporting countries damage their internal environment due to the effect of deforestation and the emission of greenhouse gases.

The research shows that, in Argentina, the carbon emissions associated with the export of animal and vegetable proteins are decoupled from deforestation, soybean cultivation and beef production. They were linked until 2009, and then decoupled between 2010 and 2020. It is an interesting finding to strengthen the position of our country in the global food trade.