Events and activities

GPS Uruguay organized field visits within the framework of the IASE Support Cycle (Artigas Institute of the Foreign Service)

8 de septiembre de 2022

The program seeks to train future diplomats, bringing them closer to the issues of the productive sector of agribusiness.  

Within the collaboration agreement that GPS Uruguay has with IASE (Artigas Institute of the Foreign Service) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, seminars and conferences have been organized for training, improvement, specialization and research to provide the Foreign Service with information and general documentation that is necessary for the exercise of its tasks.

The objective of these theoretical presentations has been to show the vision of Sustainability of the Uruguayan production systems with a comprehensive approach from the economic, social and environmental. Likewise, a look at international trade as a solution for the food security of the world population from our regional position as the largest exporters of necessary food (30% of world food exports come from Mercosur).

In the 2022 cycle of said agreement, the aim was to show future diplomats, in situ, the ways in which these systems are managed in Uruguay with visits to leading companies in each of the productive sectors.

On the first day, the Dolores Agricultural Association, OKARA SA, Molino Dolores SA, Agronegocios del Plata SA and Barraca Erró SA in the city of Dolores were visited.

On the second day, the current and future diplomatic representatives toured the Port of Nueva Palmira to see the Cargill Uruguay pre-export Storage Plant and Fertilizer Warehouse, the offices and Laboratories of SGS (Société Generale de Surveillance) and the Storage Plant. and shipment of grains from Corporación Navíos.