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SAFE FOOD: Mercosur agri-food entities issue a statement guaranteeing the safety and innocuousness of their products

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to important changes and disruptions at the international trade level, one of the main consequences I feel is the closure of borders and interruptions in global value chains. This phenomenon, which manifests itself in all areas of world trade, has particular effects on agri-food trade, threatening world food security.

This is seen in the increase and proliferation of standards at the public and private levels, many of which have no scientific basis. In this context, food exporting countries have begun to receive requests and demands from their buyers that they have a COVID Free certification.

The governments and the food producing and exporting sectors of Mercosur have implemented a series of protocols, based on scientific evidence, which allow them to give their buyers peace of mind regarding the safety and innocuousness of the food they bring to the market.

The entities of the sector of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, gathered in the Group of Producing Countries of the South, have issued a joint statement on the matter in which all the measures implemented to guarantee this safety condition can be found.

The full document of the communiqué is available in Spanish, Portuguese, English and Chinese.

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