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Webinar # 1 EU Mercosur Agreement Series 2022: «Protectionism – does it show its face?»

GPS-Paddy Ashdown Forum-European Liberal Forum-We Are Innovation

September 1, 2022

The historic agreement between the EU and Mercosur is of profound geopolitical importance, as it allows both regions to improve security in vital areas of general trade and, importantly, food systems, in the face of growing international confrontations, such as the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, or Trade tensions between the United States and China. It is in the interest of both Latin America and the EU to prevail and harmonize policies to support both the geopolitical and geoeconomic vision of the EU, as well as Latin America's opportunity for viable sustainable growth and better welfare.


Oscar Guinea, Senior Economist at the European Center for International Political Economy (ECIPE)
Nelson Illescas, lawyer, consultant and Director of the Institute Foundation for International Agricultural Negotiations.

Moderator: Dr. María García, SL International Political Economy, Head of the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies, University of Bath.

Series «The EU-Mercosur agreement»

Negotiations on the free trade agreement between the EU and the Mercosur nations of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay have taken more than 20 years. For many, this free trade agreement is seen as undermining the EU's climate ambitions, as well as being a threat to sustainability on the South American continent. The webinar series will provide accurate and validated expertise on this Agreement, the criticism it has provoked, and its impact on climate and the environment. In addition to the webinars, a series of articles written by the experts will be published.

The four webinars will discuss:

Protectionism: does it show its face?
How can cooperation strengthen food security?
Free trade as a tool to save the environment
Where is the EU/Mercosur FTA going and why is it important?