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Trade Alliances 2023, What future for Mercosur?

GPS-Canning House-Paddy Ashdown Forum

26 de enero de 2023

Mercosur, the South American trade bloc and customs union, has faced multiple challenges since its founding in the early 1990s.

Detractors have accused the bloc of being a cumbersome juggernaut, unable to reach consensus on a plethora of issues, owing to the diverging interests of political leaders from member states over the past three decades. Proponents argue that it aims to create a common space that generates business and investment opportunities through the competitive integration of national economies into the international market.

Lofty ambitions aside, in recent years the block has arguably fallen short of its potential ambitions. However, with recent developments both inside and outside the region, could Mercosur be about to make a resurgence?

Join Canning House, the Paddy Ashdown Forum and GPS for this year’s Trade Alliances event, which will focus on the potential revival for the once much-maligned Mercosur trade bloc. Key questions and themes covered include: Is now Mercosur’s moment?

Trade Alliances 2023, What future for Mercosur?

Opening Remarks: Jeremy Browne, CEO – Canning House Conversation and Q&A

Moderated by Jeremy Browne


  • Emily Rees, Senior Fellow at ECIPE and Managing Director of Trade Strategies.
  • Georgina Ayre, Acting Head of Trade Policy for LATAC, Department for International Trade.
  • Federico Lavopa, Director of International Trade, Quipu; former Undersecretary of Foreign Trade, Argentina Ministry of Production Paolo Garzotti, Directorate General for Trade - European Commission.

Closing remarks: Jeremy Browne