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The four "Game Changers" of the international context and the Argentine insertion

Por Martín Piñeiro y Agustín Tejeda – Agosto de 2023

The 2009 financial crisis, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine, has marked the end of an era characterized by widespread technological advances and economic globalization under the umbrella of the WTO. This situation has given way to a more fragmented and conflictive world, especially challenging for developing countries. Understanding its evolution and its possible impacts on trade is of strategic importance.

This paper analyzes the four elements that are determining the reconfiguration of the international context, with the aim of contributing to the construction of an international insertion strategy that allows overcoming the challenges presented by a framework of greater geopolitical conditioning, to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in the sectors that are revalued in this new context and in which Argentina has great potential, as is the case of the Bioeconomy.

Document available only in Spanish.