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Bioeconomy as a strategy to strengthen Mercosur integration

Marcelo Regúnaga and Roberto Bisang, IICA, December 2022..

This work, published by IICA, analyzes Mercosur integration strategies and policy guidelines, focusing on the bioeconomic activities that are the core of the productive structures of member countries. Starting from the conceptualization of agro-industrial chains in order to evaluate, on the basis of representative and prioritized cases, the future possibilities of greater integration; it combines the concepts of bioeconomy with its predominant form of organization (networks) and the existence of critical nodes that can be jointly developed; it analyzes the 7 critical nodes common to various bioeconomic complexes of high relevance, marked representativeness of the whole and with the potential for integration. As a result, it identifies a series of public policy guidelines aimed at promoting the integration path of Mercosur, now under the possibilities of bioeconomy. Only available in Spanish.