Events and activities

GPS Uruguay and the Ministry of Environment concluded a cycle of events for the development of a national environmental strategy

November 8, 2022

The cycle of four meetings, with a wide range of interlocutors from different sectors (companies, organizations and producers, official research and production institutes, academia, universities, environmental NGOs) sought to generate instances of consultation and exchange between the public sector and the private sector. private agricultural sector to obtain inputs for the elaboration of a national environmental strategy.

The meetings addressed a wide range of topics, including quality and management of water resources, disposal and use of waste, climate change and carbon, identification, assessment and certification of environmental footprints of our production systems, management of protected areas and native flora. and natural field. 

The last meeting was held in the ALADI halls, completing the cycle of activities proposed by GPS Uruguay, with the spirit that guides all our actions, generating content, promoting dialogue and articulating positions between the different sectors seeking the strategic positioning of our agro.